¿Por qué es importante aprender otro idioma?

Why it is important to learn another language?

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Benefits of Being Bilingual

Second Language Learning: Everyone Can Benefit Kathleen M. Marcos

"Research has shown that second language study offers many benefits to students in terms of improved communicative ability, cognitive development, cultural awareness, and job opportunities. Society as a whole also profits economically, politically, and socially when its citizens can communicate< with and appreciate people from other countries and cultures. Parents and educators would be wise to take advantage of the many available opportunities and resources for second language learning for the benefit of children coming of age in the 21st century." -Benefits of Being Bilingual - Kathleen M. Marcos


Brain Research: Implications for Second Language Learning

Fred Genesee, McGill University

"Our understanding of the brain is continually evolving, thus our interpretation of the implications of findings from brain-based research for teaching and learning should also continually evolve. Brain research cannot prescribe what we should teach, how we should organize complex sequences of teaching, nor how we should work with students with special needs. Educators should not abandon their traditional sources of insight and guidance when it comes to planning effective instruction. They should continue to draw on and develop their own insights about learning based on their classroom experiences and classroom-based research to complement the insights that are emerging from advances in brain research."

Implications for Second Language Learning - Fred Genessee



The Role of Styles and Strategies in Second Language Learning

Why It’s Smart to Be Bilingual?

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